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Discovering God’s Plan for Your Life

Discovering God's Plan ...

Discover God’s purpose for your life, and establish a rock-solid foundation of truth in your life. This book is a must-read for those seeking to know God, and discover His special plans for their life.

Discovering God & His Kingdom

Discovering God ...

Learn how to lay strong foundations in your life, and get to know God in a real and personal way. This book is the perfect way to start growing in your relationship with the only Living God today.

Battlecry of the Believer

Battlecry of the Believer

Our world is in a battle for survival! It is time for us to awaken from our slumber, put on the whole armor of God, and war by the Spirit, like never before! Learn how to live a life of intercession, and win the spiritual battle of the ages, as we discover the power of God that is available to us.

Discovering Spiritual Gifts

Discovering Spiritual Gifts

Every believer has been given at least one spiritual gift from the Lord, but most believers either don’t know what gift they have been given, or they don’t know how to use them, so their spiritual gifts lay dormant, while needs go unmet, and they live their lives spiritually unfulfilled. Now is the time to discover what gift(s) you have been given, and learn how to use them, to help change the world for Him!

Changing Natures

Practical Ministry

Want to learn how to enter into the victory that awaits you in the Lord, when you exchange your fallen nature of humanity for His new nature, and enter into covenant relationship with Him? We obtain our new nature from the Lord by laying the axe to the root of the old, Adamic nature (fallen/ old nature), and entering into new covenant relationship with Him through water baptism.

Faith Emerging

Faith Emerging

Faith: Nothing can be accomplished without it, but you can’t stop someone with it! Faith moves us beyond the boundaries of human reason, into the place where God dwells, the place where all things become possible in Him! How is such dramatic miracles possible? FAITH PRODUCES! And best of all, it’s available for you – right HERE – right NOW! Remember, Jesus said, “If you can believe, all things are possible!” (Mark 9:23)

Rescuing Peter

Rescuing Peter

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that ensnared Simon Peter, and discover how to rise to the level of your high calling in the Lord. There is good news awaiting you in Rescuing Peter, for in spite of himself, the fisherman turned apostle found the Lord’s  power to lift him up, dust him off, restore his flickering faith, and turn him into the amazing apostle He was called to be.

Practical Ministry

Practical Ministry

Discover dynamic insights to do the work of the ministry successfully. Did you know – every member is called to do something to redeem our world, and help grow the church? People desperately need us to help them reach their full potential in the Lord. Will you step out by faith, answer the call to practical ministry, and help many discover new life in Him?

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