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Discovering God and His Kingdom is an easy-to-understand 400 Q&A study, that every believer (and those searching to know God) need to read.


Discovering God) Gordon D. Aikin – D.Min. (Michigan), “I have known Dr. Tom Cannon M.Th., Ph.D., for many years and have read some of his other writings. While I have enjoyed them I think ‘Discovering God and His Kingdom’ is his best yet. Many Christians can tell you what they believe but have a hard time explaining Biblically why they believe it. This is a book that will help that Christian explain to others the ‘why’.

Dr. Cannon writes in a way that the youngest of Christians can understand and yet in a way even the learned will benefit from the reading. The information in this book is both informative and inspiring. While being informative to those just learning it takes the knowledgeable Christian back to their roots and reminds them of how inspiring it all was in the beginning. It will give you a desire to return to your first love. I believe this book could be used by teachers of the Word, young Christians trying to learn the basics, or as a reference work to anyone who wants answers to the questions people ask. It blessed me and I know it will bless you.”

 (Discovering God) Philip P. Stern, President – Link Ministries, “I count it an honor to be able to endorse material like this. I was raised much like you, in a pastor’s home and was taught the foundational truths from an early age. A book with this kind of material is needed so desperately in today’s world. The erosion of the foundations of Christ and his principles is so evident in our schools, families and sadly in the church. It is with joy that I highly recommend and endorse this fine work “Discovering God and His Kingdom” as a vital tool for families, churches and one-on-one discipleship. It will answer many questions and more importantly lay a strong foundation in the life of believers who will take the time to learn and study it’s contents.

Thank you, Tom for your heart, sacrifice, effort and diligence to keep the foundations alive for the upcoming generations. I will recommend it to many pastors and friends.”

(Discovering God) Pastor Dan Sanborn, Life Church (New York). “In the day and age that we are living in, where many people have questions about God and the Bible, believers and unbelievers alike. I would highly recommend “Discovering God and His Kingdom” by my dear friend Tom Cannon. It not only answers the questions that new believers have about this subject, but also those who been walking with God for many years. Every answer is based and backed up by Scriptures of God’s infallible Word!

(Discovering God) Pastor Thomas Gibson (Virginia). “I would like to recommend this book, ‘Discovering God and His Kingdom.’ This book helps one on his daily journey to discover God and understand the journey we all go through in seeking God. It is laid out in easily understood steps for anyone to understand, and will help anyone to understand their individual journey . May this important book be wisely and carefully read and used by all.”

(Discovering God) Jerry W David, M.Div., D.Min. (Pastor Emeritus, Lincoln City Church, Lincoln Nebraska). “History has proven, time and again, that a Church begun with a proper foundation instilled in its people, and reinforced with an intentionality, will last for successive generations. If a pastor does not know the dynamics involved in being and becoming a wise-master builder, she or he will be at a great loss in terms of effectual, practical, sustainable ministry over the long haul, that passes on to the emerging generations the kind of foundation they can grow on.

Tom Cannon has put in the pastor’s hand one such valuable tool for building. Discovering God and His Kingdom is a well thought out and thorough journey of individual growth and maturity, that is accomplished by laying a strong biblically based and Spirit infused foundation into each life. It will serve you and the future you are serving well!”

  • Richard E. Williams (Senior Pastor, Outpouring Worship Center, Michigan), “In “Discovering GOD and His Kingdom,” you will find so many answers to Biblical questions that many people wonder about. It will help a nonbeliever find God; it also will help a new believer gain a greater understanding of many subjects. The seasoned believer will also gain insight into subjects they did not have time to research. This book is well researched, straightforward, and planned out. You will learn solid doctrine in a short time. A Bible college student would be way ahead of the game by reading this book. This book would be a great addition to your library. I highly recommend ‘Discovering GOD and His Kingdom.’”


  • (Discovering God) Pastor John Ohrn, (Pennsylvania). “This new book from my friend, Pastor Tom Cannon, is a great resource for any Christian to own and to have copies to give to others. As a Pastor, I will add this to my library choices to hand out to fellow believers.

Tom Cannon has mastered a way of writing that makes the principles of God that are meant to be lived out, and not just endlessly studied, very easily understood. When there is understanding there is implementation! Because of Tom’s love for Jesus and the body of Christ, he has been given a grace to write without any condescension to the reader. Nor does he try to express himself in only theological terminology that limits the audience of many other authors. This book (and his others) are for everybody! His goal is to share the understanding of God and his kingdom that he is living within to everyone he can.

In this book Tom sought to equip the readers with answers to 400 questions that are not always answered directly in weekly sermons but are critical in the process of growing in the knowledge of God. As he broke it down into chapter topics with individual questions being answered, it can be read straight through or used as a reference book.

For example, one question that is addressed by Tom has had entire books written to try to bring understanding. #96 “How can there be a good God when there is so much evil in the world?” Tom uses two bullet points to answer a difficult question with enough Biblical truth to bring the start of greater revelation to the reader. Rather than gumming up the working of God with on their hearts with several hypothesis, Tom states what we can know about evil and God.

This book will be useful for any Christian and I highly recommend it and the other books written by Pastor Tom Cannon.”

(Discovering God) Pastor Patrick Lyons (New York). “Pastor Tom Cannon’s new book, ‘Discovering God and His Kingdom is a resource of information that I believe should be in the hands of every new believer as well as on the desk of every Bible School student. This book will be on my desk along with the other resources I use in my personal study time as well as my sermon preparation. I wish this book was written forty years ago when I was starting out in the ministry.
      While reading, Discovering God and His Kingdom, I felt as if a seasoned Minister was remembering the questions asked of him during his years of ministry and realized he could save some students, of God, time researching these questions by giving them the knowledge he (Pastor Cannon) has learned over decades of studying God’s Word. I encourage you to purchase this book. I will be giving a copy to members of my church staff, and will encourage the rest of the congregation to obtain a copy.”

(Discovering God) Rev. Phil Cappuccio;  “My deepest gratitude and many thanks go to the author, who happens to be my dear friend, Tom Cannon. During a time when biblical illiteracy is at an all-time high in our nation, you have helped to correct that trend by taking the time to mine out the many scriptures from the richness of God’s Word in order to produce, Discovering God and His Kingdom. I am certain that many “truth travelers” will be helped immensely along their journey, and others will be spared from being falsely led onto dead end streets and erroneous detours by this wonderful guide! And another thing. Do yourself a favor… any time you see a book or an article that has the name, Tom Cannon attached to it, GET IT!! You’ll be glad you did.”


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