Sometimes waiting can be the worst part. That’s how it was with the disciples. Friday broke their hearts and shattered their dreams. And on Saturday (second day), they hid in fear, and tried to sort out their confusion. What went wrong? Didn’t Jesus just ride into Jerusalem as King of all six short days earlier? Now everything was gone, like a dream that never existed! What were they to do but wait?
Isn’t it strange how we (like the disciples) often forget God’s promises when things seem to go sideways? Jesus told His disciples that He would rise from the dead on the third day (Sunday), but nobody seemed to remember that tidbit of important information. Lol. How typical that is of humanity. We remember our own preset notions about how the script of life should go, but entirely overlook the Lord’s promises. That’s sad but true.
If only we kept our eyes on Him, and waited in faith for the fulfillment of His promises, just think of how much grief we could spare ourselves from!
Saturday could have been a day of expectant preparation for the greatest miracle in the history of the world … if they only could have believed! I mean, Sunday was coming anyway, but by the time it arrived, some of the disciple’s faith was so depleted by their failure to focus on the promise instead of the circumstances, they still doubted even when they saw Jesus standing before them in person.
We will always have Saturday’s in our lives. Days that test our faith, and seem determined to push our faith out the door. But no matter what you face on those days, don’t let your circumstances determine the outcome of the miraculous things God wants to do in your life – if you can only hold on to your faith, remember His promises, and prepare your heart for the day of its fulfilling!
Your Sunday is coming – don’t be discouraged, and don’t lose faith. He will still do the miraculous in you if you hold on to His promises in the middle of the darkest night – just before your new day dawns bright and miraculous before your very eyes! Now is the time to press through by faith – if you can – His provision, healing, and miraculous fulfillment will be yours very soon. Because Sunday is coming!