Whether you understand your need to know God or not, the fact is, you need Him. We all do. Without Him, we are lost. With Him, we are not only found, but have discovered the only pathway that leads to redemption through His grace, and the abundant life that God promises to those who yield their life fully to Him. Let me make this clear: Nothing replaces your need for knowing God – nothing.
From the time of Creation, it has always been God’s desire to lead us safely into an intimate, holy relationship with Him, that restores us back into oneness with Him, removes the separation caused by sin, and reshapes us back into right standing with Him. Getting to know God is requisite to establishing a life-transforming relationship with Him. For only when we get to know Him, will we be changed by Him. Remember that: Transforming us by His grace, and restoring us into right relationship with Him, has always been the mission of God.
When we open our heart to receive Him, we are supernaturally changed by the power of His Spirit and Word. Change is the key word that leads us to become true followers. One foot in and one foot out doesn’t cut it. The Lord called us out of the world of sin, to serve Him, to live holy lives before Him, and to be one with Him in all our ways.
The only way the miraculous transformation from the Lord happens, of course, is when we fully surrender our life to Him – body, soul, min, heart and spirit, and allow Him to change us from the inside out.
God is a personal God, and He wants to develop an intimate relationship with us, where He truly becomes our Lord, Savior, and Father. He never intended to be an absentee, “somewhere out there,” but impossible to know, kind of God. He came to create family, to be one with us, where we not only know about Him, but we know His heart, His will, His desires, and it becomes our greatest desire to please Him, to honor Him, and to glorify Him every day, through our dedicated, surrendered lives, to Him as Father, Savior, Lord and best Friend.
From the moment God created Adam from the dust, and breathed into him the breath of life, God has sought to have full communion with us, as His people.
Nothing in your life is more important than getting to know God. Nothing. Fill in the blank with any word, person, or subject, and the answer comes back the same; Nothing supersedes knowing Him in a personal, life-changing way. For He is our Creator, the One who formed us in our mother’s womb, and gave us life. But He also wants to give us fulfillment through family connectedness, to let us know that we matter to Him more than anything else, and that we are the sole object of His greatest love. And nothing else even comes close.