One of humanity’s greatest weaknesses is the desire to always be right. This deep desire is so strong within us, that it has the ability to make us do wrong, in our attempts to be right. But pursuing what is RIGHT in the sight of God is much different than pursuing right in our own eyes. If we want to become more like Christ, and more effective in ministry, then we have to let God form an understanding of true RIGHTeousness in us, and give us the tenacity to follow that path to the end of our days. God wants us to be RIGHT according to His Word, not according to our own faulty will. Ways God wants to make us RIGHT includes:
• The RIGHT relationship with God. Well-defined leadership qualities, spiritual gifts, or charismatic personalities are not the most important asset of a successful Christian leader. In fact, none of them will ever replace a right relationship with God. The Bible clearly teaches, without a right relationship with God, everything else will be meaningless.
1. The RIGHT heart. Successful ministers must have a heart to reach this generation for Jesus, and intensely cares about the members of the church. You will never be successful in ministry, until you’re willing to give yourself away, to save, help, strengthen and establish those Jesus loves.
2. The RIGHT work ethic. Like the people in Nehemiah’s day, servant-leaders must have “a mind to work.”
3. The RIGHT commitment. Each servant-leader must be committed 100% to the cause of Christ, and to the process of furthering their involvement in His work.
Like Daniel, we must be strongly committed to do all things with excellence. Daniel 6:3, “Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.” A strong commitment to excellence can compensate dramatically for a lack of gifts, charisma, or other supposedly ‘necessary’ leadership qualities.
4. The RIGHT vision. Successful students understand early on, how important the work of God is, and are able to see the need for sold-out involvement in the work of the Lord. Biblical Principle: If you do His work, great things can happen – if you don’t, nothing happens. That has been God’s plan for His church from the beginning, and is still His plan today.
5. The RIGHT character – there is nothing that can replace the need for right character. With it, you will make a difference, and impact this generation for Christ. Without it, you will do more damage to the kingdom than ten righteous people can undo.

But let me forewarn you – there is no ‘magic formula’ for living RIGHT, walking RIGHT, and being RIGHT before God. RIGHTNESS only happens in our life when we surrender our all to God, and let Him form His likeness in us. At the same time, however, we must be aware of the fact that a common trend exists among successful believers, and it cannot be ignored: those who allow God to make their spiritual and personal lives RIGHT, have a much higher success rate in serving the Lord, and doing the work of God, than those who fail to make the necessary adjustments in their personal walk with God, and add the pursuit of a strong commitment to excellence and godliness. So let’s all get RIGHT, live RIGHT, and stay RIGHT before Him. The world needs it, God expects it, and the church is called to it – all the time. We can do this – if we try. Isn’t it time to finally be RIGHT – the way the Lord has always intended?