The Word of God (Bible) is “a Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our path” (Psalm 119:105). It builds strong, eternal foundations for us to build our lives upon, and it guides our steps safely throughout life – including times like we are  living in right now – when many are walking through dark and dangerous valleys filled with unknown trouble.

You need to get this truth into your heart today: No matter what we are facing today, we can stand upon the Word of God, build our lives successfully upon it, and trust God’s Word to lead us safely through every situation and circumstance and crisis in life – for nothing is more powerful than His Word.

When I was once diagnosed with a deadly lung disease, and severe asthma, the doctors told me I had five years to live. But during that season, I heard the Lord speak into my spirit, a challenge to stand by faith upon HIS Word, and to declare His Word over my life every day, while intentionally making a habitation for His presence.

During those days, I learned to make my life a continual habitation for His presence – no matter how I struggled for my next breath. That is the key to growing in the Lord, and receiving the miraculous touch of God we need in our life. There’s nothing more important that you can ever do, than to learn to surrender your entire life to the Lord, no matter how tumultuous, or uncertain your days may be. Never underestimate the power of the presence of God in your life, for the Lord can do more in your life, in any single moment in His presence, than all the world’s leading authorities can do in a lifetime.  To receive anything from the Lord, we must learn to give ourselves fully to the Lord, and do it without reservation. When we can learn to do that, we have discovered the pathway that releases the power of His miraculous presence in our lives.

As I learned to spend my days and nights before the Lord, I knew the Lord was calling me to proclaim the power of His healing Word over my body. I could actually feel the Living, anointed, all-powerful Word of God bringing miraculous healing to me.

It all culminated late one night, when I was having a severe asthma attack. As I felt myself passing out on the couch, the last words I uttered were, “Jesus, save me!” I was awakened by an angel of the Lord placing his hand on my leg, and loudly declaring, “In the name of Jesus, I command you to live!” Immediately, I felt a jolt of God’s anointing power go through me. The angel repeated his command a second time, and another surge of God’s presence went through me. In that moment, I knew the all-powerful, anointed Word of God, that the angel had been sent to deliver to me, had completely healed me.

Two days later, I went to my scheduled doctor’s appointment. When I told him about what had happened, he looked gravely concerned by my story. When I had finished, he said, “You should have been dead. It had to be a miracle, because people don’t survive asthma attacks like that.” Then he explained why he looked so sternly at me. His wife served as a PA in another office, and the day before, a 19 year old girl died when she had an asthma attack like that – in her office. And that was with medical help right there.

I share that heartbreaking story for this reason: If it wasn’t for the anointed, all-powerful Word that God delivered to me by the angel, I would not be here today. So never underestimate the power of the Word of God. My heart breaks for that young girl who died from asthma. But I know it would have been my story, too, if I hadn’t learned the secret of daily giving myself to seek the Lord, and soaking in His presence.

I don’t know what you are going through today – but God does – and He promises to be there for you, even in the worst imaginable crisis. Many people are facing hard situations every day. But you are not alone in it. God is there for you right where you are. 

And one more thing – not one person is more important to God than another. What He has done for one, He will do for you. He proved that to me in the middle of our living room, in my moment of crisis.

Today – the Lord wants me to invite you to experience that same truth in your situation, knowing that He can be trusted to work whatever miracle you need, if you will follow the template God laid out for me during my health struggle. Just surrender to Him now – and receive what you need from Him.