When we first introduced to Hannah, the Bible says that her soul was “full of complaint and grief.” It was very evident in her facial expressions, and directly affected her everyday life. But after she emptied her sorrows at the altar, and received a Word from the Lord, her heart was filled with peace, and the Bible says that “Hannah ate, and her countenance was sad no more.”

What an amazing God we serve. FB Meyer says, “We pour out our bitterness and God pours in his peace. Weeping goes out one door and joy enters at another. We transmit the cup of tears to the Man of Sorrows, and he hands it back to us filled with the blessings of the New Covenant. Someday, you will come to the spot where you wept and prayed, and will bring your offering of praise and thanksgiving in exchange. Be encouraged in the Lord, sorrow only lasts for the night, but joy comes in the morning!”

Grief, bitterness, anxiety and stress are caustic, they consume the best days of your life. Unless we deal with our emotional pains the same way Hannah confronted hers, they will turn the best years of your life into an endurance run of pain and suffering.  People suffer needlessly and endlessly, because they never empty their pain at the feet of Jesus. Many suffer, but far too few discover the way up and out of their discouragement, anxiety, bitterness or grief. That is heartbreaking in itself, because it doesn’t have to be that way. Nobody has to suffer through years of emotional pain, because the same Lord who ‘cured’ Hannah’s deep-seated suffering, and issued her a brand new lease on life, stands ready to heal the hurts and misery of anyone who calls on His name in our day. 

Let me explain how it works: Jesus came to de for our sins – to suffer horrific physical scourgings for our healing. Sadly, people are often unaware of the fact that Jesus did not just come to provide healing for our physical needs, but also for our emotional, and intellectual needs as well. I have known people who would run to the altar for healing of a physical condition, but wouldn’t budge from their seat if you called people to come be healed of grief, anxiety, or any other emotional issue. Through the years, I have discovered the reason for it, is directly attributable to ignorance – they simply did not know that Jesus actually heals our heart and mind, as easily as He heals our body.

Jesus is a full-service provider, and He covers us from bumper to bumper – whatever we need. It shouldn’t be surprising either, because He created us as tripartite beings; that means we have a body, soul and spirit. Now think about that for a moment; Doesn’t it make perfect sense, that since He made us with three distinctive parts, that He also would make a way for each part of us to experience the supernatural touch of God to make each part completely whole? We know Jesus came to provide redemption for our fallen spiritual condition, and healing for our body. So why wouldn’t He also make provision for the needs of our soul (seat of emotion)? Why would the Lord come to make provision for only two-thirds of our needs? Short answer – He wouldn’t – and He didn’t. He came to provide the complete answer to every need, in every part of us.

We need to get this truth deeply embedded into our heart and mind: Jesus came to heal us of whatever need we have – body, soul and spirit. He stands waiting for you today – will you call out to Him now? There is no reason to suffer a moment more – when you can just as easily be healed, like Hannah, and walk away from the pain that has kept you bound for too long already. Today is your day – run to Jesus – He’s ready for you!