Love is being defined by every form of media – blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, musicians, movies, entire television channels, and nearly unlimited offerings of printed media every single day. They’re all attempting to convince this generation what love is all about. Of course, the definitions range from the legit to the absurd, while offering a full range of twists and turns in between. But regardless of what anyone tells you to the contrary, love isn’t just a song, it’s not a feeling (though it certainly involves our feelings), and it isn’t just a touching story with a happy ending. Sometimes it’s revealed in far greater ways.
Like what? Like being there when nobody else is; standing for what’s right; putting someone else’s needs above your own; sharing until it hurts; doing what needs to be done whether you’re ever recognized, thanked or appreciated; and it even goes so far as being willing to lay it all down when the situation demands it. This is the kind of sacrifice Jesus came to make for us. He didn’t give His life because it felt good, brought Him world acclaim, or earned Him kudos from His friends. He did it because there was no one else who could save us, deliver us, or provide the healing, peace, comfort and joy – that could only be released through the ultimate sacrificial gift that Jesus came to give.
“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” John 15:13
Now this is where you come in. Jesus called us to be difference-makers, and culture-changers. And His calling is inescapable – if you’re a child of God.  We can fight it, resist it, ignore it, and pretend His calling applies to everyone other than us, but your heart knows the difference, and you can’t escape the truth no matter how hard you try to tamp it down, or even extinguish it. Why is this calling impossible to escape? It’s a spiritual calling, and the destiny of the world is riding on it.
God is looking for people who will demonstrate His incredible love freely, the way He does. He’s not hunting for people who will dole it out for selfish motives, to use it as leverage, or to one-up someone.  He’s only looking for people who will sacrificially give it all away, without letting anything deter them from their high and holy calling, and who will honor their commitment no matter what, simply because people need us to be that kind of people. It really is an easy calling to fulfill – yet it’s so profound.
Let’s face it, our world knows very little about the authentic kind of love that is born in heaven, and is only made available as a pure gift from God. That’s why it’s so important for us to freely share His pure love with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Without exception, this the most important calling of all, because if we don’t do it, as those who are supposed to know Him best, then take a look around and find someone in the world who can take our place?
God is calling you to demonstrate His pure love to a world. Will you raise your hand and volunteer to become that people? Will you accept the mantle of His calling to become a living expression of His love to the hurting, the lost, the downcast, the overlooked, the rejected, and the forgotten in the world? I hope so, because that’s what they need more than anything else.
There is only one thing that will change the world – and God is calling you to share it without reservation. Do you hear God calling? Can you hear the sound of His voice resonating throughout race and nation, seeking a people to stand tall, and reveal the full expression of His love through doing? And remember – no cheap words will suffice – only action will get this job done. Action that is dripping with God’s transforming power through a miraculous thing called love.