Our world is going sideways right now.  And that’s a major problem – because sideways represents humanity. We need to look up – to Jesus, and call upon Him for His help. He is the only answer, after all, and without Him we are destined to fail. Everyone has a lot of pressure on them today – especially parents and children. We need to remember to run to Jesus every day – He is the answer you’ve been looking for – don’t lose track of that fact in all that’s going on!

We need to LOOK UP to Jesus …

“The Bible makes it clear that Jesus is just one heartcry away from being foud by you – just one moment of humbled surrender, and turning from a lifetime of sin is all it takes to find His free gift of loving grace.”

Tom Cannon

Getting LOST is EASY – Getting FOUND should be our GOAL!

Finding Jesus is the answer to all your needs …

Getting found

When I was a teenager, we got lost in the Rockies.  That was a scary crazy event in my life. Especially when night fell like a hopeless blanket of impenetrable black all around us, and we were surrounded by sheer cliffs and rugged terrain on every side. I never felt so small, or hopeless as in that moment.

Fortunately, we weren’t as lost as we thought, and help found us about the same time we found help. But not knowing where to find help when you needed it the most, proved to be as unsettling as advertised in adventure magazines.

Today, our world is just as hopelessly lost in the night season of our present existence, as we were in those mountains of Oregon. But the solution is not as hard to find as you might suppose. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus is only one heartcry away – just one moment of humbled surrender, and turning from a lifetime of sin is all it takes to be found by Him, and to accept His free gift of loving grace. And no decision will ever change your life, or your eternity like those minutes your spend giving your heart to Jesus.

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