Does your perspective of God change when you’re going through a crisis? Sadly, this is all-too-true for far too many people. When everything in life is going perfect, many people loudly chant, “God is good all the time,” with the best of them. But when they hit a bumpy stretch, face difficulties, or God forbid – they actually encounter a crisis or tragedy – suddenly their opinion of God sours, and their praise turns to silence. But this shouldn’t be.
I have always tried to maintain the right perspective of my blessed Lord, regardless of what I experience in life. And here’s how I do it; I count all the wonderful blessings He has poured into my life, and thank Him for all He has ever done, rather than allowing my opinion of Him to be swayed like the stock market, based entirely on what He does or doesn’t do for me each day. Here’s the way I look at it: I figure that the Lord extended His redemption to me when I was very young, and that His redemption is the single greatest gift anyone could ever receive – right? Then, why would I allow my attitude toward God to turn bad, just because He didn’t give me the newest something, bless me incessantly, or keep all troubles away from my door, when the fact is, if He never gave me another thing, other than saving my wayward soul, and giving me the gift of eternal life, then that should be more than enough to keep me praising Him forever.
Do I still ask Him for His provision, blessings and favor? Of course I do. That’s our right as children of God, and He encourages us to ask largely of Him. But I’m not going to condemn God because I faced a hardship, experienced a difficult season, or encountered a tragedy along the way. Let me remind you that we live in a sin-marred world. And the hurtful things we often encounter are the results of what we did to ourselves – like health issues from wrong choices, or relational hurts we suffer from our own actions, wars caused by hate, diseases caused by the poisons they spread on our fields or put in our food, and so on. The fact is, many of our bad habits, and wrong choices have put us in the situation we end up in. And that’s not God’s fault. So why should I blame God for what we – as members of humanity – have managed to bring on ourselves? You see, how we view life, and our opinion of God is all about perspective. The Lord has proven Himself to be amazingly kind and loving and generous to us throughout our lifetime – so how can we help but praise Him in all things going forward?
I once heard the story of a pastor whose wife was hospitalized with a life threatening health issue. The pastor asked the church to please pray for her. The next service he gave a ‘praise report’ that she was doing very well, and was coming home. After the service, a member of the congregation told the pastor how happy he was for the good news, and concluded by saying, “God is good all the time!” In response to that remark, the pastor replied, “Sir, I’ve got news for you. Whether God healed my wife, or he didn’t, He is STILL GOOD ALL THE TIME.”
Perspective changes everything. And I pray we will learn to always remember that truth. The Bible tells us that we need to be thankful in all things. I know that’s not the easiest thing to do when yu’re going through a rough stretch, or you have encountered a crisis. But it can be done if we maintain the right perspective – and look at life through the eyes of the Lord, rather than the entitled attitude of a child. We need to ask God to give us the perspective of a grateful child – who has already been given more than we could ever return thanks for – even if we devoted the rest of our life doing it. And that includes thanking Him for who He is, and also for what we have already been given, rather than demanding more every day to remain happy. It is my sincere hope that we will learn to walk in the revelation of the goodness of God – and that our opinion of Him, and our praise for Him will never be dependent upon earthly blessings, because He is far greater than that. (Tom Cannon)