The other evening, as I typically do, I plugged my cell phone in to charge for the night. But the next morning when I turned my phone on, I noticed the battery was almost dead. Wondering what went wrong, I lifted the cord, and discovered it wasn’t plugged into the adapter in the wall outlet. I then remembered that I had unplugged that end of the cord to recharge the headphones, and now I had an unusable phone.
Our prayers sometimes fail for the same reason. On our end, everything seems to be connected right – we are saying the right things, and spending sufficient time to do the job, but instead of checking both ends of the line to insure we’re actually connected with God, we fall asleep thinking everything is good.
But effective prayer, that moves the heart of God, must be connected with the heart of God above all things. For the only way we can know His heart, and come into agreement with His divine purposes, is to make sure our prayers are plugged into His perfect will, and directed by His Spirit. For when our prayers focus more on human aesthetics or religious habits, than seeking to flow where He leads, and pray as His Spirit directs, they’re going to be an epic fail.
Getting the right connection with the Lord’s will, by faith, is paramount to accomplishing anything in Him. Instead of praying what we think is important, or sounds right, we need to get fully submersed in His presence, learn His heart, and let the Spirit of God articulate His heartcry through us. What a difference it will make when His Spirit prays through us, and we learn to flow with His heart. When we learn to pray action prayers, instead of pretty prayers, God will fill our prayers with power, and change the world, and transform us, in the process. “Lord, teach us to pray” …